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Afshan Immigrations offers a gamut of professional Services to students who aspire to study overseas and also we represent skilled professionals who wish to seek work/immigration visa.

Canada is an immigrant-based country and every year, accepts more than 200,000 immigrants that come to this country looking to make it their home. We all leave behind loved ones, families, friends and colleagues in the hope of attaining a better future, higher quality of life and peace of mind. Your decision to immigrate to Canada is an exciting opportunity but also a great challenge and for that, being adequately prepared is of paramount importance.

As former Canadian immigrants who have gone through the process of immigrating and integrating in Canada, we understand the challenges and obstacles that newly landed immigrants face and thus hope to transfer this knowledge to you. In this country, it is all about knowledge; knowledge of the law, knowledge of your rights, knowledge of your obligations, etc. It is easier to plan when you know what you have available at your arm’s reach.

At Afshan, we help guide you through the various immigration programs and ensure that you are well informed in order to make an educated decision regarding your immigration options.

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Why Canada ?

Canada is among the top destinations for students to study abroad. Students prefer Canada for higher education on account of various reasons.We present to you top 10 reasons why Canada is great for studying abroad.

Education and Scholarship

Canada is one of the best places to pursue your higher studies and the country attracts thousands of students each year from abroad. The country provides world class education which is recognized globally. Degree from a Canadian university is considered of great value which is equivalent to US, Australia and other European Countries. Both the Government and Universities provide benefits especially for the students to pursue their studies successfully. The high academic standard and quality education help the students to come out of the universities with flying colours. International students can gain valuable education at a very low fees compared to other countries across the globe. Not only fees but also the scholarship opportunities reduce the expenses and you will get the best education at minimal fees. Even though the number of universities is less compared to US, the education standard of most universities is on par with universities of US and Europe.

Campus Lifestyle

Apart from Education there will be number of events happening around the university. Every university has its own events and parties which involve students, concentrating not only to study but also cultural events that help to mingle with multicultural people in the university. These events remove all the stress and give a physical workout to body. Universities provide a number of extracurricular activities where one can stand out of the crowd with their talents both university wise and country wise. Most of the Universities give students the access to free Wifi , Daily newspapers, journals, magazines and many more. International Students will definitely enjoy the different lifestyle and fun way of learning as they pursue higher education in Canada.

Employment Opportunity

During studies students are permitted to take up part time jobs both on campus and off campus. No work permit is needed to work on campus and students are allowed to work upto 20 hours / week. There are number of part time jobs available off campus like jobs in Hotels, hostels, general labor, Tutor etc. After graduation there are vast number of employment opportunities related to the technical domain. Students with knowledge and skills get placed easily in top companies with their dream job. Job prospects are strong for international students.

Research Values

Research is one of the key components of a graduate student. The universities support the students who come out with best research ideas and many scholarships are given to student for their research works. Students can do research in any field they are interested with the support of lecturers in the university. If the idea of research is good, Industries and government come forward to accept the cost of your research. Higher education in Canada opens up many researchers and scholars to draw upon their knowledge in several disciplines.

Beautiful place and Environment

Students not only can feed their minds but also feast their eyes with the beauty of Canada. Canada attracts large number of tourists each year who visit the astonishing places and enjoy the beauty of nature. Students enjoy exploring nature, wildlife and many other amusement parks. Students in coastal line can enjoy the views of Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. The neat and clean environment of Canada adds beauty to the place. Students in Canada for higher education can take time off to visit the tourist spots in Canada.


Canada experiences a warm summer and a very cold winter each year. During summers the temperature goes up to a maximum of 30°C. Students coming from hot countries like India will feel very warm in summer. But during winter the climate of Canada changes upside down. The temperature reduces to a minimum of -20°C. Mostly people stay indoors during winter because of snowfall and snow storms where the height of snow will be up to 5 to 6 feet. Students will find it very difficult during the winters because of extreme cold. During spring there will be a chilly breeze flowing around the country. Autumn is the most beautiful season of Canada. In this season all the leaves of trees and plants start to turn orange, red and it will be a beautiful view to watch. The leaves fall down changing the streets to the same color. It is the best season of Canada.

Values and Culture

Every year Canada invites thousands of immigrants from all over the world. Canada has become a home for a number of students who come for their higher education. Students forget the thought that they are away from their home and they feel like they are in their home country. Old immigrants and people will be very helpful for the new immigrants arriving in Canada for higher education. People respect each other with a smile whether you know them or not. Canada ensures that people’s customs and traditions are preserved, also the value and dignity of people are respected.

Multilingual Society

English and French are the official languages of Canada. After the arrival of number of students and immigrants to Canada it has become a multilingual country with many languages, religions and culture. Students will be surrounded by a number of people speaking different languages and it will be great exposure for the students to learn those languages. Even though it is mixed society there won’t be any problems of race and colour.

Care and Safety

The Government and Universities plays an important role for the safety of students inside the university and across the country. Starting from health care to security, necessary measures will be taken to keep students safe. Students enjoy all sorts of freedom and government ensures protection with respect to human rights, equality that help the society to be peaceful. Medical insurance is very inexpensive in almost every hospital in Canada. Canada has been considered as one of the best places to live by the United Nations consistently for the past eight years.


Work permit visa along with study visa is given to the students. After graduation, students can work here for two years and after the completion of one year students can apply to become a permanent resident of Canada. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada has made it easy to get student visa and help him during his stay in Canada for higher education. During studies, Students can work up to 20 hours / week to meet the needs for their living. Even inside the universities many part time opportunities are available which are very much useful for the students.

Types of work permit

In Canada a work permit is required to work in most cases . There are many exempt cases where work permit is not required to work.

What Type of Work Permits Does Canada Have?

Here are the two types of work permits Canada has to offer. Depending on your qualifications and occupation your job may fall under two different categories of work permits.

There are two main types of work permits, the Open Work Permit and the Employer Specific Work Permit.

What is An Open Work Permit?

An open work permit is issued by the Immigration Office to immigrants who wish to work for any employer for a certain amount of time.

There are two subcategories for Open Work Permits (OWP), Unrestricted and Restricted Permits. The main difference between the two is that Unrestricted Permits allow you to work in any occupation and location, while the Restricted does not. The Restricted Permit allows you to work in a specific job and thus does give you as much freedom of movement to work in different areas of Canada.

What Visa Programs Use Open Work Permits?

Some of the types of work permits Canada considers to be OWP are the:

  • Temporary Work Permits for Spouses or Partners;
  • Post Graduation Work Permit;
  • Temporary Resident Permit;
  • World Youth Program Permit;
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Spousal Permit;
  • Regular Open Work Permit; and
  • Birding Open Work Permit

Canada also has several visa programs that use Open Work Permits these are the:

  • Working Holiday Visa;
  • Young Professionals Visa;
  • International Experience Canada;
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • Canadian Experience Class;
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program;
  • Provincial Nominee Program; and
  • International Co-Op Program

Study Permit

Whether you want to live, study and work part time as an international student, Canada is the place for you. With universally acclaimed educational institutions and a strong public schooling system, the country hosts a variety of programs to help with the Canadian learning experience. Canada could be your doorway to a student grant or even an international scholarship.


“If your studies are completed before the validity of study permit then the 90 days time start from the day when you receive first notifications from the institute or the day you get degree, diploma or certificate.”


Who is eligible to work and where you can work. Inquire Now for more information.


Who can work off campus and how many hours you can work. Inquire Now.


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Review of your profile and all the documents.

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Other Services

This Service includes:

  • Study Permit Application
  • Visitor Visa Application.
  • Work Permit Application.
  • Work Permit Restoration.
  • PR Application.
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment(LMIA).

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

This program is for workers who:

  • have the skills, education and work experience to contribute to the economy of a specific province or territory
  • want to live in that province, and
  • want to become permanent residents of Canada

Each province and territory has its own “streams” (immigration programs that target certain groups) and requirements. For example, in a program stream, provinces and territories may target:

  • students
  • business people
  • skilled workers
  • semi-skilled workers

You must meet the eligibility requirements of the province or territory. And, you must submit an Express Entry profile and show that you meet the minimum criteria for Express Entry, including being eligible for one of the immigration programs it covers.

If you are invited to apply, you submit an electronic application to IRCC.

Canada Express Entry

The Canada Express Entry system allows you to immigrate to Canada and apply for a Canada PR directly. It is used by the IRCC to manage applications of skilled workers who want to Immigrate to Canada as a skilled professional. The Express Entry system-for immigration to Canada, allows applicants to apply for living and working in Canada and become permanent residents in less than a year.

Prepare Yourself For Canada Express Entry

Before your submit the online application for Express Entry you will need to take the following steps:

  • Take the language tests – IELTS for English and TEF for French language
  • Get an Educational credential Assessment or ECA done on your educational qualifications by a certified agency to prove that your educational standards are on par with Canadian education system.

Steps for Canada Express Entry

The first step is to determine if you are eligible under one of the federal economic programs. The IRCC supports the following federal economic immigration programs through its Express Entry draw.

(a) The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) – is intended for those candidates who have worked in Canada and have obtained Canadian work experience.
(b) Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) – is intended for professionals who have skills that are in demand in the economy. Many services such as lawyers, Doctors and teachers fall under this category.
(c) The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) – is intended for those professionals who work in the technical trades and are semi –skilled workers.

It is important to know exactly which federal economic program you will be eligible for as applying through the wrong program can get your application rejected. Our Canada immigration experts will guide you on the right program based on your professional background
The second step is to submit an Expression of Interest through an online form. The online form will be filled by our immigration consultants based on information provided by you
You are assigned a score by the IRCC based on a weighted ranking system with different weights assigned to different categories such as your IELTS score, your education level and your work experience. The scoring is done out a total comprehensive ranking score of 1200.
The IRCC conducts a draw from time to time to determine the cut-off point for issuing invitations to apply (ITAs) .If your score is higher than the cutoff score then you will receive an ITA. we will keep you informed on the status of your application on a regular basis and will definitely let you know should an ITA be issued

Candidates who have a job offer from a Canadian company can get up to 200 additional bonus point in the CRS. You will need to get a labour Market Impact Assessment and a full-time, permanent job offer from a Canadian employer to qualify for the same. Our consultants can help you qualify for arranged employment with an employer based in Canada.
Another method to earn additional points for Express Entry is to apply to individual provinces for their respective provincial nomination programs. The provincial nominee programs are run autonomously by the individual provinces and provide 600 additional points for candidates who show the interest and ability for settling in the province. If you do not have a valid job offer you can register with our job search facility to search for opportunities in Canada.
The IRCC will conduct the draw and if you have a CRS score higher than the minimum cutoff then you will receive an ITA. Once you receive the ITA you will have a 60 day window to submit an application for Canada PR along with all the required documents.
If you have not received an ITA in the current round you can consult with our Canada immigration experts for more advise on how to improve your score.
On receiving the ITA you will need to submit the Police clearance certificate from all cities where you have lived in the past for a period of more than six months. If you have lived in multiple countries then you need to submit a different certificate from each of these cities. Our Canada immigration experts will guide you on the process for applying for and obtaining one.
The IRCC will set a date and recommend a doctor for conducting a health checkup and provide you with a medical certificate that states that you are fit to travel to Canada
Under some federal economic programs you may need to submit a proof of funds to show that you can sustain yourself independently in the country.
After all the certificates are received and your application is scrutinized you are provided with a provisional Permanent Residence visa which allows you to travel to Canada


You may be able to sponsor certain relatives to immigrate to Canada under the Family Class if you’re at least 18 years old and a:

If you sponsor a relative to come to Canada as a permanent resident, you must:

For information who can sponsor and how you can sponsor inquire now